15 February 2019

Kiwa teams with SATAS to open up the South African certification market

Kiwa and SATAS, two leading institutions in the field of inspection and certification team up to open the South African certification market for any business.

Kiwa teams with SATAS to open up the South African certification and inspection market

Bert van Erkel, Inspection Manager at Kiwa: “Manufacturers and trading companies can now use a one stop shop when they want to open or develop markets in South Africa. Whether you are a local importer or an international manufacturer, we can help you to quickly and efficiently obtain the SATAS certificates and approvals you need. We see it as an added value to our current and future clients to have this service available in our Kiwa portfolio.”

Kiwa and SATAS remain independent and separate organizations, but will jointly do everything to be of assistance. “We are proud of this collaboration with one of the leading accredited certification bodies in the Plastic Piping Industry of South Africa that certifies companies to SANS specifications”, says Bert van Erkel. “We look forward to support many companies to be active on the South African market.”

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