12 December 2019

Samsung receives first Kiwa HP Keymark certificate

Recently Kiwa has become an empowered Certification Body (CB) and recognized test center for Heat Pump (HP) Keymark: the independent voluntary European certification mark supporting heat pump quality in the European market. Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe is the first organization to obtain this certificate out of hands of Kiwa.

“Heat pump manufactures can now use the Kiwa test laboratory to achieve HP Keymark certification”, says Ernst Vossers, commercial manager heat pumps at Kiwa Netherlands. “This means Kiwa’s heat pump experts can test equipment against all applicable standards and provide manufacturers with the HP Keymark certificate with all accompanying advantages.

Xavier Feys, Vice President Product Management, Pre Sales, Business Development and Customer Service EU from Samsung agrees: “Samsung goes for nothing less than 100% quality and does not want to take any risks considering safety. We not only consider quality as important, but we also attach great importance to sustainability. In Kiwa we have found the perfect partner to take to heart both.”


Heat pumps can play an important role in reaching the key European climate objectives that have been set, because the device not only reduces the demand of fossil sources and greenhouse gas emissions, but uses renewable energy sources as well. As an HP Keymark Empowered Certification Body and Recognized Test Center, Kiwa can test and certify air-water, brine-water and water-water heat pumps.

HP Keymark

The HP Keymark certification mark (ISO type 5 certification) was originally developed by the heat pump industry but is nowadays managed by European Committee for standardization (CEN). The certification is designed for heat pumps, combination heat pumps and hot water heaters covered by Ecodesign, EU Regulation 813/2013 and 814/2013.

The basis of the HP Keymark is independent, third party testing. HP Keymark certified manufacturers of heat pump equipment and components demonstrate compliance with Heat Pump Keymark scheme product requirements and Ecodesign efficiency requirements.

For more information about Kiwa's HP KEYMARK certification, please have a look at this page.