23 January 2019

Successful CSR recertification audit for Kiwa

Kiwa has just passed a successful recertification audit on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts for 18 Kiwa sites spread over eight countries.

Multisite CSR certificate

In 2015, we had just five (mostly Dutch) locations at Level 3 of the CSR Performance Ladder. The scope of this year’s audit has been extended with new locations in Bologna, Helsinki, Berlin, Cheltenham (UK) and Gorinchem (the Netherlands). Now 18 Kiwa sites spread over eight countries will be attached to our multisite CSR certificate: Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Green field, blue air, clouds - Kiwa

"Solidly embedded"

DNV-GL audit team leader, Michael van Alphen: "CSR became mature and is solidly embedded in the Kiwa system. Enthusiastic people taking care of CSR and many positive findings and improvements are tangible. The extension of the scope with new locations went fluently."

During the audit, many good results were presented in areas of reduction of energy usage and other resources, improved communication with stakeholders and more. The foundation has been laid and we’re ready to start improving the system and expanding our exposure.

We’ll receive our prolonged certificate after the corrective plan regarding the (few and minor) non-conformities is accepted by the auditor, which will be just a matter of weeks.

Why we are socially responsible

Kiwa operates in the heart of society. A society we aim to improve and sustainably develop, both globally and locally, for the benefit of all. That is why we value the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The core of CSR at Kiwa is our Corporate CSR Council and our local cross-disciplinary workgroups that cover a certain Kiwa location. These workgroups stimulate everyone to contribute to our CSR goals. Goals that will serve all stakeholders, including Kiwa colleagues.