19 March 2019

TIC Council: global voice of the TIC sector

The TIC Council represents the international Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector. Kiwa, as one of the world top 20 TIC leaders, is of course member of this association. We’re glad to announce that our CEO Paul Hesselink now holds a Global Board seat in the TIC Council.

Voice of the TIC industry

Born from the merger of the traditional two leading global TIC industry associations IFIA and CEOC in December 2018, the TIC Council brings together a total of approximately 90 member companies and organizations active in Testing, Inspection and Certification in more than 160 countries. The TIC Council aims to be the global voice of the independent testing, inspection and certification industry, and to stand for best practice and the highest standards in safety, quality, health, ethics and sustainability.

Paul Hesselink says: "As TIC companies, we and our fellows help organizations, governments and society with a wealth of services: product testing, industrial inspections, certification, classifications, all kinds of controls. You name it and we're present when it comes to creating trust. These services protect the public, facilitate trade and support innovation. I find it very valuable that through the TIC Council, we can commonly give a voice to that value we offer."

Mr. Michael Fübi, CEO of TÜV Rheinland, President of the TIC Council, comments: "We TIC companies are third parties that help organizations to navigate the complex world of international trade and regulations, and we help create a safe and sustainable environment for people everywhere. All members of the TIC Council are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity."

The TIC Council has its head office in Brussels, with Hanane Taidi as its director. The council also has a branch office in the USA.

What to expect?

So, what kind of a sector are we active in? The forecasts for (the development of) the global TIC sector are generally positive. Paul Hesselink: "As global trade and wealth increases, so do expectations on the levels of safety and quality, which is a beneficial development for us. At the same time, increasing levels of regulation have triggered a transition from a voluntary-based risk management approach to mandatory testing services. Then again, such an approach can help industries save costs and thus make them more aware of the value we offer. And not to forget the peace of mind of Kiwa’s customers who want assurance on quality or safety of their purchases"

New technologies can also boost the sector and add value to society - Kiwa and competitors alike embrace drone technology, big data, the Internet of Things and many other recent developments.

Some figures to illustrate:

  • The TIC industry represents around a million employees across the world.
  • Annual TIC activities represent approximately € 200 billion, of which half is executed by TIC companies like Kiwa.
  • The sector is expected to grow 5% every year, at least until 2023.