21 January 2020

Dutch inspection institute for safe warehouses KVVM now member of Kiwa

KVVM, a Dutch inspection institute for safe warehouses, is now part of the Kiwa Group.

KVVM is an independent inspection company that specializes in the safety of storage racks, metal stairs, ladders and platforms. The company carries out these inspections both in the Netherlands and in Belgium and is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). KVVM has five employees.

Hans Aalsters, current director of KVVM and continues to do so under the Kiwa flag: 'Our current and future customers continue to do business with the same people and benefit from the same expertise. As a part of Kiwa we as a company can use the power and the (inter) national network of a large TIC organization. This offers us many opportunities and opportunities to broaden, deepen and offer our services to a wider clientele. Conversely, we add new services, in particular inspection services, and a good customer portfolio to Kiwa.'

Wim van Vreeswijk, Division Director Building & Civil Engineering at Kiwa Netherlands: 'With KVVM we add specific inspection expertise and experience to Kiwa in the area of stairs, scaffolding and platforms. That knowledge and expertise fits in nicely with our existing activities in the field of construction and constructions. The synergy that we create offers benefits to both customers of both parties. We see a bright future.'

From left to right: Wim van Vreeswijk and Paul Hesselink (Kiwa), Hans Aalsters and Ali Bijkerk (KVVM).