12 March 2020

Dutch Women’s Eight rowing team’s journey to Tokyo

These are exciting times for the rowers of the Ladies Eight: are they going to make it to the Olympic Games? The athletes are currently working hard to achieve their ultimate goal: qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

As a proud sponsor of the Dutch Women's Eight rowing team, we follow their journey to the Olympics closely.

Practise, practise, practise

The rowing ladies are working hard on their condition and their skills these months. Not only on the water, but also daily on a so-called rowing ergometer, or a rowing machine. They also practice pilates, running and cycling. The goal is not only to prepare for for the coming (crucial) competitions, but also to determine the final selection of rowers: which group of 8 women achieve the best results? Various setups are used to determine that. Ultimately, there will be a short-term screening in which the final arrangement for the eight is determined.

Tokyo 2020

The Women's Eight still have to overcome a few bumps before they can actually board their boat in Tokyo. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, several upcoming practice games have been cancelled. More news about the status of qualifying games will follow soon, you can find more information on Worldrowing.com.

We wish the rowing ladies every success on their road to Tokyo!

Kiwa - Dutch Women’s Eight rowing team’s journey to Tokyo | KNRB

The rowing ladies paid a visit to the Kiwa office in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands on March 11, where they were introduced to hydrogen.

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The ladies themselves give an extensive report of their “Road to Tokyo” on social media. Follow them on Instagram .