24 November 2020

Hydrogen demo house: from natural gas to hydrogen

The hydrogen house that Kiwa and Alliander, a Dutch company that handles the distribution of energy in The Netherlands are building is almost ready!

The house that is being built in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, is a hydrogen demo house. It will be used as a training location designed as a residence, where professionals can learn how to make the current natural gas supply suitable for hydrogen in residential areas. The house will also be used to show future residents of hydrogen homes and municipalities, suppliers and other interested parties what it takes to apply hydrogen in the built environment.

This autumn we started the construction of the house. In the video below we give an update on the progress and explain why and for whom we are building the Hydrogen House.

From natural gas to hydrogen

The Dutch government wants all houses in The Netherlands to switch off natural gas before 2050. Because the existing gas network can be used for a hydrogen network, hydrogen is one of the options for replacing natural gas. The Hydrogen House is fully furnished as a private house, has a 100% hydrogen boiler, kitchen and meter cupboard. The use of hydrogen in the built environment is put into practice in the demo house.

Pilot in Dutch village

In 2021, Alliander will start a pilot in the Dutch municipality of Lochem, in which existing homes with a natural gas connection will be converted to hydrogen. Because there are many older and not optimally insulated homes in this district, these homes are less suitable for the application of heat pumps or connection to a heat network. Hydrogen is therefore an interesting alternative, also because the existing natural gas network can be used and central heating boilers that run on hydrogen can be applied. Residents of Lochem will soon be able to visit the Hydrogen House and experience the adjustments that are required to prepare a home for hydrogen.

More information

Would you like to know more about Kiwa's hydrogen services? Please have a look at this page. Would you like to know more about the hydrogen house of Kiwa and Alliander? Please contact us via the form on this page.