23 January 2020

Hydrogen fueling stations and ISO/TS 19880

Hydrogen is an energy carrier with great potential for the transport sector. As with other fuels, it is also important to pay attention to the prevention of hazardous situations with hydrogen.

The ISO/TS 19880-1 was developed to determine a minimum of design characteristics for safety and performance of fueling stations for commercial use that dispense gaseous hydrogen. In other words: what are the minimum requirements that a hydrogen fueling station must meet.

Kiwa’s Robbert Boer wrote a white paper on why compliance with ISO/TS 19880 is crucial to guarantee the safety of hydrogen filling stations. You can download the whitepaper for free here 

Kiwa’s hydrogen services

Kiwa is leading the facilitation of the international acceptance of hydrogen as an energy vector. With an extensive hydrogen test laboratory (the only one of its kind in Europe), and expert hydrogen certification and consultancy teams, Kiwa is a go to party for approval according to the ISO/TS 19880. We have a broad scope of experts available in most European countries and throughout Asia.