28 August 2020

Kiwa bundles forces with AQS Nederland, strengthens position in food, feed and farm sector

AQS Netherlands is an independent inspection body for the fruit and vegetable sector. The company specializes in quality checks of all product groups in fruit and vegetables from the Netherlands and abroad.

AQS is, among other things, accredited according to the NEN/ISO 17020 standard for sampling in the context of residues of crop protection agents on products. AQS's clients include growers, trading companies, processors, sorting and packing stations, retailers, seed companies/breeders and industry organizations.

Larger role in the agri-food sector

Kiwa is further shaping its ambition to play a larger role in the agri-food sector. In the Netherlands and many other countries, we are already engaged in providing certification, verification and control and sampling services in the market for food, feed and agricultural companies. The addition of AQS in the Netherlands, and previously AQS France and AQS Poland, is the next step to strengthen our position in this sector.

Expanding services

Ben Dellaert, Division Director at Kiwa Netherlands, is pleased with the addition of AQS Netherlands to Kiwa: "This fits perfectly into the growth strategy of Kiwa's agrifood division, especially when it comes to strengthening our position in the vegetable sector. AQS Netherlands plays an important role in this market with its highly committed employees."

Harold Willemsen, Product Inspection & Sampling Manager at AQS Netherlands, thinks the acquisition will prove a very positive development for AQS Netherlands. "We can further expand our services and professionalize our organization with the knowledge, expertise and systems of the international Kiwa organisation. This is important for both customers and employees of AQS Netherlands.”

Kiwa bundles forces with AQS Nederland in food, feed and farm sector - signed by Paul Hesselink, Martien de Graaf and Ben Dellaert

Paul Hesselink (CEO Kiwa), Martien de Graaf (AQS Holding) and Ben Dellaert (Division Director Kiwa Netherlands) sign the agreement.