22 September 2020

Kiwa first associate member to join Euralarm

Kiwa recently joined Euralarm, the European association of manufacturers, installers and service providers in the electronic fire safety and security industry. Kiwa is the first organisation to join Euralarm as an associate member.

The Euralarm associate membership enables us to stay in touch with the latest trends in regulation and technology and grants us direct access to Euralarm’s documentation and the chance to network with industry experts. It allows us to share our expertise on standardisation, influence standardisation and legislative processes and connect with technical and political experts. In this way we can contribute substantially to quality, safety and sustainability of fire safety and security organisation’s products, services and processes.

Fire lab

Our associate membership of Euralarm is a direct consequence of the opening of our new fire lab in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Here, we can certify electronic fire products on average three times faster than our competitors. ‘Kiwa enables easy market access for everyone who wants to introduce electrical or electronic equipment - related to fire safety, security or EMC - to the European market or even the world’, says business unit manager Sabyne van Mourik. ‘We test products against standards like EN 54 or EN 14604’.

Customized testing

According to Sabyne the Euralarm associate membership perfectly demonstrates Kiwa’s ambition to grow and intensify its network in the fire safety and security industry. ‘We aim to build long-lasting relationships by offering customized testing services tailored specifically to the needs of our customers and offer guidance and support every step of the way.’

Safety trends

‘Digitalisation and integration are currently determining factors for the markets we serve’, Sabyne continues. ‘This causes organisations to experience more complexity and therefore more uncertainty. What are the main risks? What is an acceptable risk level? Questions like these can be answered by frequent assessments. It enables companies to keep their role in the supply chain as clear as possible, to avoid liability and reputational damage. At Kiwa we aim to make the testing and certification process as easy as possible and tailor the process to the needs of our customers.’