18 December 2020

Kiwa IoT Challenge: win an assessment worth €10.000!

Are you working on a new Internet of Things product? Or are you going to launch such a product on the market soon? Then Kiwa is looking for you! Participate in our IoT Challenge and have a chance on winning an assessment worth €10,000.

An ever-increasing number of everyday electronic consumer products is connected to the internet. These so called smart devices make our lives more pleasant and often easier, but they also entail security risks. That is why we would like to challenge you to demonstrate how you ensured that your product can be used safely by your customers.

Find out about this challenge in the video below.

More information and registration

Want to accept the challenge and win a Kiwa certification assessment? You need to pitch your product and security approach in a video and register for the contest.

It's no longer possible to register for this contest.