21 October 2020

Kiwa Italy adds CREI Ven to the family

Kiwa Italy signed an agreement with CREI Ven Laboratory which brings this company into the Kiwa family.

CREI Ven was founded in 1995 in Padua by a group of leading companies in the Italian Veneto region. Today, the company offers global solutions in the fields of electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, radio equipment and renewable energy. CREI Ven actively collaborates with e.g. the University of Padua.

Energy sector

The addition fits into the growth plan of Kiwa in Italy. One of the focal points is the energy sector, especially the field of renewables. Last year, in August 2019, Moroni & Partners was already added. CREI Ven enriches Kiwa with more skills, resources and experience to further develop and grow, both nationally and internationally.

Complete portfolio of services

Says Mariella Pozzoli, Kiwa Italy’s Country Manager: “CREI Ven brings us the opportunity to complete our portfolio of services and technologies. We can now offer our customers and the market a truly complete business proposal. That’s unique in the panorama of TIC companies in Italy.”

To facilitate the integration of companies, Giampiero Belcredi (already Kiwa Italy's Operations Officer and Vice President of Moroni & Partners) was appointed President of CREI Ven. He adds: "We welcome the CREI Ven team to Kiwa Italy. Their experience, built over decades, will surely contribute to Kiwa’s growth and to the promotion of our services."

Photo: Anechoic chamber for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests at the CREI Ven Laboratory.