23 November 2020

Kiwa launches international European Hot Work Certificate™ training

Kiwa Finland has created a new European Hot Work Certificate™ competence training for the international market. It uniquely combines online learning, virtual reality and all administration.

Hot work generates sparks, flames or other heat and therefore poses a fire hazard. It includes for example welding, flame cutting and the use of an angle grinder or a liquefied petroleum gas burner. So, it can be a particularly hazardous job, and those who do it must undergo safety training.

The training will be launched this Wednesday, November 25, at the MATCH XR 2020 event in Helsinki, a technology conference in virtual reality. Learn more and register here.

User-friendly and cost-effective qualification

The training as developed by our Finnish colleagues is based on new technology. It includes e-learning in an online environment, practices and tests in virtual reality, remote training monitoring, and all administrative steps like adding a trained worker to the international competence management register and handing out digital certificates.

“Consolidating all of this into one platform meets the aspirations of our customers”, says Jani Pihl, CEO of one of the Kiwa Inspecta companies. “They aim to make trainings cross-border, cost-effective and regardless of time and location. Our approach offers them exactly that. A student can, within certain time limits, progress at his or her own pace and take the training anywhere, anytime. Plus, we can provide real individual solutions tailored at for example a specific operating environment. In addition, the digitalization of training materials, exercises and assignments creates a huge amount of data that makes it easier for us to identify safety culture bottlenecks.”

Effective and fast training

Another benefit of virtual training is its proven effectiveness and speed. Several studies show that, compared to traditional classroom and even online training, virtual training is more effective and faster – see for example this study by PwC (June, 2020).

More information

Would you like more information about the international European Hot Work Certificate™ training by Kiwa Finland? Please contact them via the form on this page.