13 May 2020

Kiwa launches new quality mark for review COVID-19 preventive measures

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has major consequences worldwide for the way people work, recreate and organize their social lives. After the complete or partial lockdowns of spring 2020 in many countries worldwide, organizations are gradually starting up again, looking for opportunities to continue operations within the guidelines. To support organizations in this, Kiwa has launched a quality mark for review COVID-19 preventive measures.

The Kiwa quality mark for COVID-19 prevention measures is intended for organizations that wish to have their COVID-19 measures tested against the applicable (inter)national requirements and any additional sector or company guidelines.

Center Parcs first to be inspected

Center Parcs, a company that owns holiday villages in several European countries, is the first to have all its parks in the Netherlands and Belgium, including the Sunparks, independently inspected by Kiwa. In doing so, Center Parcs can determine whether it complies with all directives that the national authorities and their own organization have set in order to limit the spread of the virus and to limit the risk of infection.

As soon as it can be demonstrated on the basis of the review by Kiwa that all their parks in the Netherlands and Belgium have taken the necessary precautions, they can give visitors the confidence that all measures have been taken to limit the risk of infection with the corona virus.

As part of the review, Kiwa periodically conducts an assessment in which all protocols and prevention measures are checked. If the measures comply with the applicable guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this will result in a declaration of conformity from Kiwa.

Suitable for almost all organizations

Because the COVID-19 guideline is based on the structure of international ISO standards, the Kiwa quality mark can be combined with other management systems. The quality mark for COVID-19 prevention measures is suitable for almost any organization: from hotels, shops, gyms, museums and other (public) organizations to cleaning companies, hospitals and care homes.

More information

Would you like more information about Kiwa’s quality mark for COVID-19 Preventive measures? Please have a look at this page or contact us via the form on this page.