18 June 2020

Kiwa now certifies components used in hydrogen networks according to AR 214

Hydrogen is an interesting source of energy to replace natural gas. Especially since research demonstrates that existing natural gas infrastructures can be made suitable for the distribution of hydrogen relatively easily. But how can we check whether a network meets the requirements? Kiwa’s approval requirement (AR) 214, focused on hydrogen, contains the specific requirements components in networks must meet. As an accredited auditor, Kiwa can now carry out the certification of products used in networks.

Hydrogen has the future

Hydrogen has been a big promise for new, sustainable energy sources for years. In several countries hydrogen is already an important asset in the energy transition. For example, Japan wants to run the 2021 Olympic Games on hydrogen and Russia is investigating whether natural gas can be converted into hydrogen. In the Netherlands, energy companies, industry, network operators and local authorities are experimenting with hydrogen applications and the first buses and passenger cars running on hydrogen gas are already driving around.

Specific requirements for hydrogen gas

The approval requirement (AR) 214 "Suitability for hydrogen gas" is a new version of the current GASTEC QA quality mark that is focused on components used in the distribution and application of fossil gases. The AR 214 contains specific requirements for components used in a hydrogen gas network. For example, a pressure regulator for natural gas cannot simply be used for hydrogen.

The AR 214 is only a first step towards full certification for hydrogen gas. Soon it is expected that every product used in networks and installations for hydrogen gas will have its own Test and Inspection requirement, which includes for example permeation requirements.

Kiwa Hydrogen expert

Kiwa is leading the facilitation of the international acceptance of hydrogen as an energy sector. With an extensive hydrogen test laboratory (one of the only of its kind in Europe), and expert hydrogen certification and consultancy teams, Kiwa has a unique standpoint when it comes to hydrogen.

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