15 March 2020

Kiwa’s policy in relation to the Corona virus

The Corona virus spreads throughout the world and presently occurs in all countries that Kiwa is present in. To help contain the spread of the virus, this policy guides our employees and subcontractors in how to cope with (the effects of) the virus and the impact it may have on the services we offer our customers.

It is paramount that we want to minimize risks for both our customers and our employees. Given circumstances, we do all we can to service our customers to the best of our abilities and possibilities.

As the situation differs per country, our approach is to act on a local level. We follow the guidelines as issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), local government and local health organizations within countries.

If we meet any situations or circumstances that would prevent us from servicing customers like we would normally do, we will inform customers involved about the steps they may need to take to keep their business processes up and running. We will try to get in touch with local authorities to see how we can continue our activities or resume them as soon as possible.

To minimize the risk of spreading the virus, we advise our employees to limit contacts with other persons: we ask them to work from home if needed or advise them to do so where possible. We also advise our employees and those we planned to receive as a guest to one of our offices to postpone their travels.

While we do all we can to service customers as usual, these steps might cause disruption in the offering of our services. We apologize beforehand for any inconvenience and we politely ask for your understanding.

Kiwa - Kiwa’s policy in relation to the Corona virus (COVID-19)