2 July 2020

Kiwa's Road Testing unit takes new step towards a more sustainable fleet

Our Road Testing unit, Kiwa KOAC, has recently started using a new measuring vehicle equipped with a solar energy supply system. This system can provide extra power needed for the computer system (measuring system) used during the measurement work on the road.

The new measuring vehicle has been commissioned to perform High Speed Road Profiler (HSRP) measurements and falling weight deflection measurements. The vehicle replaces an older one that has been retired after years of loyal service.

When selecting the new car, of course, not only technical specifications and ease of use were considered, but attention was also paid to vehicle emissions and consumption. A solar panel, placed on the roof provides the additional power supply to the computer system that is present in the car.

The power consumption of the measuring equipment, in combination with the required range, is such that switching to fully electric vehicles is currently not feasible. This new solution offers the possibility to switch off the engine when the car is stationary between measurements. The solar panel provides the computer system with enough power so that the system can continue to run. Previously, this was only possible for a short time, otherwise the car's batteries would run out too quickly. 

We are happy to contribute in this way to more sustainable road works.


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