5 October 2020

Kiwa is leading the way in developing competency training

On September 23, Kiwa has opened its first Virtual Training Center at Kiwa Finland's headquarters in Sörnäinen, Helsinki.

Topi Saarenhovi, Director of Kiwa's Northern European Region, has proudly perfomed the opening together with his Kiwa Finland's management colleagues: 'None of the other Kiwa offices have a virtual training center yet, so it is very special to have the first in Finland.' The opening means renewal and new business for Kiwa. 'Services are constantly digitalizing. We have the ability and courage to take digitalisation forward in terms of qualification training and to act as pioneers,' says Saarenhovi.

Saarenhovi characterizes innovations as a triangle equation. First, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff are needed to create the new service. Secondly, you need customers who trust you and your expertise. Third, a good partner is needed, in this context Finnish company Ade, who brings technical expertise in virtual implementations.

Pioneer in VR training

Virtual reality is no longer a new technology in itself, it has already been utilized in company-specific use and free practice. However, Kiwa incorporates hands-on internships in virtual reality into certified qualifications and thus acts as a pioneer in training.

Cost and time saving

'Our customers want to apply qualification training more efficiently, they want to save cost and time, and speed up the qualification process,' says Jani Pihl, CEO of Kiwa Impact, part of Kiwa Finland. 'Flexibility takes on a whole new meaning when it is possible to complete a qualification completely in a digital way in the future, regardless of time and place. During work assignments, it is easy to take online training in chunks when the opportunity arises.'

Kiwa Finland's CEO and Country Manager Jussi Ojanen says that the Virtual Training Center provides excellent support for Kiwa's strategy and digitalisation. 'Certified competency training is intended to be at the forefront, providing it fully digitally while using modern technology. This is one way to better serve our customers by providing a cost-effective, time- and location-independent faster qualification process. In an industrial environment, personal mobility is high and competency management is a big part of day-to-day operations. We offer easier and faster, but more effective and high-quality training digitally.'

Partner for progress

The exercises are very authentic and online training together with virtual exercises creates the same qualifications. The individual's competence is continuously ensured in e-learning through intermediate exams.

Mikko Törmänen, Business Director at Kiwa Finland, describes how this integration of virtual reality into competency training perfectly embodies Kiwa’s slogan “Partner for progress”: 'Several different types of qualifications can be completed in a virtual way. In virtual reality it is possible to practice e.g. emergency first aid and resuscitation in realistic conditions or extinguish a fire. You can also get to the construction site in the crane cabin to move supplies from location A to location B, as well as to the industrial hall to drive a forklift and move pallets. The advantage of virtual training is that the situation is much more realistic than when done in a classroom or training room. In addition, the virtual exercises can be repeated several times, in several different environments.'

Future plans

Plans for the future are also clear. 'The second Virtual Training Center will open soon and the purpose is to take virtual training centers to large companies, to increase the efficiency and speed up the completion and renewal of qualification training,' says Jani Pihl.

Kiwa has the ability to integrate virtual reality into qualification training elsewhere in the Nordic countries and Europe. Saarenhovi says: 'Kiwa has a strong foothold in the education market, we are known as a reliable player. Of course, success also requires the market to be willing to accept new forms of education, but we foresee good opportunities!' 

More information

Would you like more information about Kiwa Finland's new Virtual Training Center? Please contact Kiwa Finland via the form on this page.

Kiwa Training - Kiwa Finland opens first Virtual Training Center

Photo: Kiwa Finland's management has opened Finland's first Virtual Training Center. From left to right: CEO Jani Pihl, Country Manager Jussi Ojanen, Business Director Mikko Törmänen and Northern European Region Director Topi Saarenhovi.