27 March 2020

Team up through remote auditing by Kiwa

Remote auditing has been possible for some time already, thanks to useful and safe digital tools. Especially in times of physical distancing, it's an excellent way to carry out audits. But what exactly is remote auditing, when can it be used and how does Kiwa do it? Read more in this article.

What is remote auditing?

During a remote audit or e-audit, online tools are used to share and obtain evidence, taking into account the requirements and regulations applicable to the audit.

A remote audit is much more than a desk audit, in which documents and files are checked remotely. During a remote auditing, the auditor and the organization that is audited, work simultaneously on the audit project. This happens in a virtual working environment, where the parties involved exchange the necessary information.

Why remote auditing?

Remote audits are especially suitable for document assessment and interviews. They do not necessarily take less time, but there are certainly important advantages:

  • More effective processes and deployment of employees: a virtual workspace, with restricted access to the persons involved, in which documents are stored, ensures more efficient information exchange.
  • Fewer auditors on the floor.
  • Faster and safer.
  • Less travel movements: spend less time traveling.
  • It's more sustainable: use of digital means of communication and less physical travel by car.

Remote auditing is particularly useful for the following activities related to certification audits: document and management review and interviews with people at different locations.

Let's team up

Kiwa uses the online platform Microsoft Teams for remote auditing. You do not need Teams knowledge for this. We create a digital, safe work environment and everyone from the project team is invited. In this environment, project members can chat and create video meetings, schedule and divide tasks, and share and edit documents. No additional license is required to use Teams.

More information

Would you like more information about the possibilities of remote auditing? Please contact your local Kiwa contact or send an email to info@kiwa.com.