10 May 2020

We updated our Code of Conduct and Compliance – here is why

At Kiwa, we create trust and transparency through what we do. That’s serious business. Therefore, society, customers, shareholders and we, ourselves, must not have any doubts about our integrity, fairness, proper behaviour and independent judgement.

Being a leader in quality and reliability also includes compliance, proper conduct and living up to a high moral standard. To ensure we do, Kiwa is working according to a Conduct and Compliance framework. This framework consists of interconnected corporate regulations and guidelines in the fields of Legal, HR and Quality. We summarized the framework into 8 clear statements that all Kiwa employees must adhere to: the Kiwa Code of Conduct and Compliance

TIC Council membership

Our Code of Conduct and Compliance adheres to the requirements in the Compliance Code of the TIC Council, the international umbrella organisation of well-reputed TIC (testing, inspection and certification) companies of which Kiwa is a member. Our CEO Paul Hesselink is a member of the TIC Council Global Board.

Annual verification

To ensure the effectiveness of our Code of Conduct and Compliance, we subject ourselves to an annual independent verification. The results are reported to our internal Kiwa Compliance Committee (KCC), the Kiwa Supervisory and Executive Board and the TIC Council and are used for taking action if appropriate.