12 July 2021

Kiwa invests in largest hydrogen and heat pump laboratory in Europe

Kiwa is making significant progress with the expansion and sustainability of its test facilities, laboratories and offices at the Kiwa Netherlands Apeldoorn site. The largest heat pump laboratory in Europe is also located here, able to test different types of heat pumps.

Since 2020, Kiwa has been investing in the test facilities on this site, among others in the field of IoT, Fire Safety and Security, heat pumps and hydrogen. The completion of the renovation is planned for the summer of 2021. With this, Kiwa is strengthening its position as an expert and knowledge partner in all kinds of vital infrastructures, such as (renewable) energy supply and various internet applications, including IoT.

Jan Pieter Bijkerk, Country Manager of Kiwa Netherlands, tells: "We are not only expanding this Kiwa location to create a modern, attractive and more sustainable working environment, but also to be able to apply new technologies. For example, regarding heat pump testing, in addition to the qualitative performance, we also test the electrical safety of these pumps.

Hydrogen technology

Hydrogen technology will make an important contribution to the energy transition. With its investments in hydrogen laboratories, Kiwa wants to contribute to the safe application of hydrogen in the context of the necessary transition to a more sustainable energy supply. Kiwa made a similar contribution in the switch from city gas to natural gas in the 1960s. This makes us a sustainable partner that contributes to the transition to increasingly cleaner energy supplies on the basis of high-quality knowledge. Hydrogen not only functions as a sustainable replacement fuel for natural gas-fired heating appliances, but is also used to store excess electricity, for example from wind energy. Sustainably generated energy that can ultimately be used by heat pumps for example.

Knowledge partner in the energy transition

Kiwa is expanding its role as a knowledge partner and trainer in the field of hydrogen. Regarding hydrogen technology, a new test line for hydrogen pipes and components will be built, and training areas and laboratories for testing and approving hydrogen compatible products will be added.


Kiwa offers organisations the opportunity to discover the added value of hydrogen applications, among other things with the aid of the so-called hydrogen table. With this they can carry out experiments together with Kiwa experts to experience the differences and similarities between natural gas and hydrogen. In this way, Kiwa's hydrogen experts enable customers, students or school pupils to become acquainted with the possibilities of hydrogen in a low-threshold and responsible manner. Kiwa will also, in cooperation with the energy sector, train mechanics to convert natural gas-fired appliances to hydrogen. A safe application is the outcome of all these activities of Kiwa.

Heat pump testing

Kiwa also has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of heat pump testing. "The heat pump laboratory is based on the very latest technology, so we can also test heat pumps with flammable refrigerants, such as propane," says Jan Pieter Bijkerk. "We also carry out electrical safety tests. This will allow not only performance, but also safety of heat pumps to be tested and certified based on international standards at one location."

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