28 April 2021

Kiwa Italy issues ISO 9001 certificate to Rome’s local police force

The “Studi e Applicazione Normativa” (Studies and Regulatory Enforcement) unit of the local police force of the city of Rome, Italy’s capital, has obtained a Kiwa certificate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management systems. It is the result of a profound preparation process.

The scope of the certification is “the delivery and communication of technical-legal information services through the digital Platform Information Training (PIF)”. In fact, thanks to PIF, all police officers in the Rome metropolitan area are able to work together and stay informed. Thus, internal processes run smoother and easier.

Certification to make the state apparatus lighter

In Italy, the relationship between citizens and public administration bodies has undergone important changes over the past few years. There is a growing demand for complex services while at the same time awareness has risen that bureaucratic processes need to be disentangled. Consequently, a search has begun for strategies that make the state apparatus lighter and more efficient.

Quality certification has proven to be a tool to enhance processes aimed at citizens and businesses. It helps to reach the main objective: granting these citizens and business owners easy access to public services and offer them quicker replies to questions and demands.

ISO 9001 certification by Kiwa

With our ISO 9001 certification services, we at Kiwa support companies, organizations, governments, and international institutions that want to guarantee their customers a high level of service and product quality, performance and safety. Read more about ISO 9001 certification by Kiwa.