27 July 2021

Kiwa obtains licence for Pentesting quality mark

Kiwa Netherlands has been granted a licence by the Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid, CCV) to review penetration tests in accordance with the CCV certification scheme Cybersecurity Pen Testing.

The CCV Pentesting quality mark, based on NEN-EN-ISO/IEC standards 17021 and 17065, ensures the quality of pentesting. In the Netherlands, Kiwa and Dekra are the only certification bodies authorised to test this standard.

The Pentesting quality mark has been developed by Kiwa and Dekra in collaboration with the CCV. The objective of certification is to reduce the costs of failure and risks that may occur if the pen test doesn’t have the required, agreed quality. Certification allows organizations that want to use penetration testing services, to have a justified confidence that a supplied pentest, provided with the certification mark, meets the requirements set in advance.

Ethical hackers

Organisations are increasingly confronted with ransomware, hacks and other forms of cybercrime. A frequently used method of detecting vulnerabilities is penetration testing (or pen testing), in which specialists try to penetrate systems or apps just like hackers. Organisations can then take security measures based on the findings of these 'ethical hackers'.


Minimise failure costs

In order to be confident that these often costly measures will actually be effective, it is of course important that a pen test is carried out properly and professionally. By being certified in accordance with the CCV Certification Scheme for Cyber Security Pen Testing, providers of pen tests can demonstrate to clients that the service they provide meets the applicable quality requirements. As a result, customers of pen tests can minimise the costs of failure and risks due to qualitatively inadequate pen tests.

Further information

Would you like to know more? Please contact Kiwa's Expert Center Cybersecurity via cybersecurity@kiwa.com or telephone (+31 (0)88 998 49 00).