4 February 2021

Kiwa proud member of international TIC Council

Kiwa has received its annual membership certificate by the TIC Council, the international umbrella organisation of well-reputed TIC companies.

The TIC Council represents the international TIC sector and stands for best practices and highest standards in safety, quality, health, ethics and sustainability. It represents over 90 members covering more than 160 countries. It was created through a merger of CEOC and IFIA, two former international umbrella organisations, in December 2018.

Kiwa’s CEO Paul Hesselink, also a TIC Council Global Board member, tells: “Being a global player, we are proud to be a 'Member of Good Standing' of the TIC Council. Actually, it’s only logical we are. As a leading company in auditing, inspecting and testing, we create trust and transparency through what we do. That’s serious business requiring credible professional expertise all along. In addition, society, customers, shareholders and we, ourselves, shall not have any doubts about our integrity, fairness, proper behaviour and independent judgement. Our Kiwa Code of Conduct and Compliance covers all of these topics.” 

“We used the Council’s Compliance Code as a basis and we have taken all kinds of actions to make sure we comply. In doing so, we really made steps related to, for example, our internal policies and guidelines and bringing the 8 statements of our own Code to colleagues. The TIC Council will have us audited for 2020 compliance in a few weeks’ time; we are confident we are ready.”