17 December 2021

New HyDelta study published: Entry of air into hydrogen pipeline in case of pipe rupture

Recently, HyDelta published its most recent update to its research program on the topic of “Entry of air into a hydrogen pipeline in case of a pipe rupture”. The study has been performed by Sander Lueb, Gastechnical Consultant at Kiwa Netherlands. The aim of this research is to determine to what extent air enters a hydrogen distribution pipeline in the event of a pipe rupture.

HyDelta is a Dutch national research programme aimed at the safe integration of hydrogen into the existing gas transport and distribution infrastructure. Kiwa is a participant of the programme. HyDelta aims to remove barriers to innovative hydrogen projects. Directly applicable research is central to this. Other participants are DNV GL, Gasunie, New Energy Coalition, Netbeheer Nederland, TKI Nieuw Gas and TNO. The programme runs until the beginning of 2022.

Read more about the study and its results on this website.

Kiwa and Hydrogen

Kiwa, thanks to our expertise in the gas sector and to our wide knowledge of related infrastructures, has a unique stance in the hydrogen market. We are active at national and international levels for technical assistance, testing, inspection and certification of solutions dedicated to this supply chain.

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