5 May 2021

PV Evolution Labs joins Kiwa Group in new partnership

Kiwa is partnering with PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) to support PVEL’s growth and strengthen the Kiwa Group’s presence in renewable energy.

Kiwa has signed a partnership agreement with PVEL, the leading independent test lab for the global downstream solar and energy storage industry. Kiwa is investing in PVEL’s growth as a new member of the Kiwa Group. The companies will collaborate to advance their industry-leading test programs and certification schemes, and to better serve their clients around the world.

Jenya Meydbray, CEO of PVEL, commented, “We are thrilled to join the Kiwa Group and establish a physical presence for PVEL in the European market and beyond. Thanks to our new partnership, we can leverage Kiwa’s global consortium of laboratories to bring PVEL’s bankability testing to a broader network of solar and energy storage manufacturers, investors and project developers.”

Paul Hesselink, CEO of Kiwa, said: “While Kiwa is already active in the solar and energy storage markets, our partnership with PVEL significantly expands our footprint in renewables, particularly in the U.S. By welcoming PVEL into the Kiwa Group, we can provide our customers worldwide with a one-stop-shop for testing, inspection and data services that de-risk solar and energy storage projects.”

About PV Evolution Labs (PVEL)

PVEL is the leading independent lab for the downstream solar and energy storage industry, based in Berkeley U.S., and now a member of the Kiwa Group. As a bankability testing pioneer, PVEL has accumulated more than a decade of measured reliability and performance data for PV and storage equipment. Today PVEL provides developers, investors and asset owners with a suite of technical services for mitigating risk, optimizing financing and improving system performance throughout the project lifecycle.

PVEL’s flagship Product Qualification Programs for PV modules, inverters and energy storage systems connect manufacturers with a global network of 400+ downstream partners representing 30+ gigawatts of annual buying power. Learn how PVEL makes data matter at pvel.com.

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