15 July 2022

Further growth at Kiwa: MPA Dresden joins Kiwa Germany

MPA Dresden GmbH, an accredited testing laboratory and certification and inspection body in the field of fire protection based in Germany, is now part of Kiwa. On July 6, 2022, Thomas Hübler and Teresa Hübler, both managing directors of MPA Dresden, and Roland Hüttl and Gero Schönwaßer, both managing directors of Kiwa Germany, signed the contract agreement between both parties in Hamburg.

“I am very pleased that we can now count the proven experts from MPA Dresden among our Kiwa family”, says Gero Schönwaßer. “We can thus complement and further expand our service portfolio in the field of fire protection.”

Adds Roland Hüttl: “After we already expanded our services in fire protection last year with the integration of Kiwa Wijnveld GmbH & Co. KG, the addition of MPA Dresden GmbH is the logical step to bring our expertise in this area significantly forward.”

Thomas Hübler is pleased to join the Kiwa family: “Kiwa is an opportunity for us to further expand our services; not only in fire protection, but also in related areas such as construction, solar, batteries, electrical equipment and sustainability. As an independent fire protection competence center, we can support Kiwa on its growth path throughout Europe with our qualified employees.”

MPA Dresden GmbH is both an accredited testing laboratory and a certification and inspection body according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (D-PL17819-01-00), DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065 (D-ZE-17819-01-00) and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 (D-IS-17819-01-00). The experts will be testing, for example, fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment, cables, safety cabinets, and products for cruise ships and rail vehicles.

Thomas Hübler will continue as managing director alongside Gero Schönwaßer.


Photo: Gero Schönwaßer, Teresa Hübler, Thomas Hübler and Roland Hüttl.