13 December 2022

GAR update: withdrawal of EN 30-1-1:2008+A3:2003, EN 613:2000 and several EN 203 standards

The EU essential requirements for the safety, health and environmental aspects of gas-fired appliances are laid down in the Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR). In the coming years a number of GAR-related quality standards will be withdrawn and replaced by updated versions. Below you will find an overview of these standards, their dates of withdrawal (DOW) and their replacements.

  • EN 30-1-1:2008+A3:2003 ‘Domestic cooking appliances burner gas’, DoW December 2024, replaced by EN 30-1-1:2021;
  • EN 203-1:2014 ‘Gas heated catering equipment – General safety rules’, DoW June 2022, replaced by EN 203-1:2021;
  • EN 203-2-1:2014 ‘Gas heated catering equipment-Open burner and wok burners’, DoW June 2022, replaced by EN 203-2-1:2021;
  • EN 203-2-2: 2006 ‘Gas heated catering equipment-Ovens’, DoW June 2022, replaced by EN 203-2-2:2021;
  • EN 203-2-4:2005 ‘Gas heated catering equipment-Fryers’, Dow June 2022, replaced by EN 203-2-4:2021;
  • EN 613:2000 ‘Independent gas fired convection heaters’, DoW June 2022, replaced by EN 613:2021.

As you might know, it is mandatory for the GAR that a product is in compliance with the essential requirements in such a way that it takes into account the state of the art, reasonably foreseeable use and current practice at the time of design and manufacture. For some appliance designs, the replacement of these standards by the new version and the passing of the DoW of previous version may be an indication of a change in the state of the art and current practice. Please consider whether the above is relevant for the compliance of your product(s) and contact your local Kiwa representative if you need further advice.