25 August 2022

Meet our members in Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand

Four major companies joined Kiwa in December 2021. Raba Kistner, Construction Sciences, PPI Quality & Engineering and T2 utility engineers are all quality, testing and measurement companies covering a strong history of growth and transformation spanning back over 50 years, across 100+ locations throughout Australia, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. Who are they and what do they do exactly? We asked their respective leaders to tell a bit about their companies.

Raba Kistner

Founded in 1968, Texas-based Raba Kistner initially started as a geotechnical engineering firm, but soon expanded to offer more services. In 1974, the company introduced the now core service of Construction Materials Testing (CMT). That was followed by building envelope inspection and environmental & archaeological compliance, as well as full project management and construction engineering & inspection services. Today, Raba Kistner’s team cover multiple markets including education, transportation, commercial and energy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our first client is still one of our biggest, 54 years in.
Chris Shultz, President of Raba Kistner

Chris Shultz, President of Raba Kistner, says: “At the end of the day, our business is all about people, both employees and clients, and we have incredible employees and incredible clients.  Our employees have extensive local knowledge of construction practices, and are passionate about what they do and how they do it. One of my favourite facts about Raba Kistner is that our first client is still one of our biggest 54 years in. Integrity is at the core of our inspection and testing services, and our growth through the years is based on the mutual trust our clients share with our employees and our company.  We are proud of our history, what we have accomplished in the industry while always giving back to the communities we serve, and look forward to adding to that history as a part of Kiwa.”

Construction Sciences

Australia-based Construction Sciences had its beginnings in Brisbane in 1990 as a geotechnical firm. Originally providing CMT, the company adapted to the changes in the growing market by offering complementary services required by major infrastructure projects, such as geotechnical and environmental monitoring, and subsurface utility engineering.

By establishing site laboratories at major projects, we established a permanent presence in new areas.
Gerard Midgley, Executive Director of Construction Sciences

“Our business grew very successfully by leveraging off client relationships in the major infrastructure project market”, says Gerard Midgley, Executive Director of Construction Sciences. “We would be invited to establish a CMT site laboratory on a major project in a new area, and thus create a permanent presence in the local market, whilst servicing the project.”

Over the years, Construction Sciences expanded throughout Australia and New Zealand and increased its offerings to service end to end project delivery for large scale infrastructure developments across transport, resources and defence areas.

​​​​​​​General Manager of Operations, Darren Rokesky notes: “Though we started as a testing company, we’ve grown to reflect what the market needs. Our additional service lines were added to increase the flow of work to the core testing business. And as the construction landscape continues to boom, there are exciting areas for the business to head in.”

We have grown to reflect what the market needs.
Darren Rokesky, General Manager Operations of Construction Sciences


PPI Quality & Engineering

Texas-founded company, PPI Quality & Engineering has provided engineering and quality assurance services across renewable energy, oil and gas sectors since 1992.

Originally offering engineering services such as oilfield engineering, drilling, workover, production and plug-and-abandonment projects, the company saw the need for inspection and certification, both at the component manufacturing stage as well as on site. PPI Quality & Engineering now provides a complete quality assurance service for the energy sector, including supply chain and inventory tracking.

Jim McGrath, President and Managing Director, is dedicated to delivering smart solutions to energy clients across the globe: “PPI initiated its quality control and quality assurance services to serve the needs of our long-standing oil and gas customers. This experience combined with meeting the technology needs of the energy industry has positioned the company as a worldwide provider of services and software for quality assurance, equipment inventory management, and incident analysis and process management. PPI now serves customers in the renewable energy and major capital project industries.”

We offer our customers a complete package in the renewable energy and major capital project industries.
Jim McGrath, President and Managing Director of PPI Quality & Engineering

T2 utility engineers

T2 Utility Engineers (T2ue) specialises in the professional investigation and analysis of existing subsurface and above-ground utilities to help clients manage and mitigate utility-related risk, improve project safety, and streamline construction on infrastructure projects.

​​​​​​​In 1993, the company began providing Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) services for the Florida Department of Transportation. In 2002, a joint venture formed a Canadian entity to perform SUE services. From these beginnings, T2ue has expanded to provide a full complement of SUE, utility coordination, surveying and CCTV services from strategically positioned locations across the US and Canada. Clients and regulatory authorities are increasingly recognising the value and benefit of managing utility-related project risk. Today, T2ue supports large infrastructure projects with their services of subsurface utility engineering, utility coordination and surveying.

“Our initial growth was driven by Federal Highway Administration recommendations for Departments of Transportation (DOT) to include SUE in their planning”, says T2ue USA President, Craig Snyder. “Our reputation and experience for providing high quality utility data using industry-leading technologies, together with professional advice, has contributed to T2ue winning long-standing contracts with DOTs across the country. We now support 38 DOTs and the Engineering Consulting firms that design their projects. Reaching beyond the Transportation sector, T2ue now provides a full range of services to reduce utility-related risk for Water/Wastewater, Utility/Power, and Land Development clients, basically any infrastructure project. Our footprint, expertise, and reputation position us for continued growth.”

It’s all about helping clients to manage their infrastructure projects.
Craig Snyder, USA President of T2ue