27 November 2023

Kiwa Inspecta and EduTec Join Forces


We’re pleased to announce the recent partnership between Kiwa Inspecta and EduTec, which now enables welding tests as a single entity. This new operating model makes it easier to serve the welding industry even more efficiently than before. EduTec's training services together with the testing services offered by Kiwa Inspecta allow for customers to now only need one point of contact.

Traditionally, trainings, and personal qualifications have been two separate functions, this often leads to schedule challenges. In accordance with the new operating model, training and personal certification run as a single entity, which ensures high-quality teaching and efficient scheduling. EduTec Oy's trainings are specific and supplementary trainings aimed at the needs of the customer company, where the trainers are long-term professionals. Kiwa Inpecta, on the other hand, jointly checks the welding quality of the personal certification exam and issues personal certificates.

Shared facilities gather all phases of welding tests under one roof

Welding tests, for example, Welding procedure tests, can be welded at EduTec's facilities with welding machines and filler materials provided by them. The welding supervisor of Inspecta Tarkastus Oy, located in the same building, supervises the test, after which NDT testing, machining of test pieces, destructive testing and microscopy are handled seamlessly in the same premises. NDT inspections, destructive testing and microscopy are handled by Inspecta Oy, EduTest machines the test pieces needed for testing.

Since all operations take place under the same roof, it’s possible to serve customers in a more timely mannor, and minimize transport and shipping costs. The welding machines offered by EduTec are the latest models of equipment suppliers, but the customer also has the option to use their own welding equipment. The equipment base of Kiwa Inspecta's destructive testing laboratory has been largely renewed so that all the necessary tests can be done in the same place in the future.

There is a large concentration of industry in Varkaus

The training package based on the cooperation model focuses on Varkaus and mainly its surrounding areas. Many machine shops of various sizes and large industrial companies operate in the area, and the area's operations are being actively developed.

"The collaboration between Kiwa Inspecta and EduTest Oy strengthens and diversifies the know-how and service offering of the strong metal and energy technology concentration in the Varkaus region. The new set of services significantly supports the operations and development work of companies in the entire Finnish technology industry." say Juha Valaja and Juha Mikkonen of Navitas Kehitys Oy. Navitas Kehitys Oy is a business service company owned by the city of Varkaus, whose goal is to promote the competitiveness, growth and internationalization of companies in the region.

Conducting personal qualifications and method tests at the customer's own premises

Personal qualifications as well as welding procedure tests can also be conducted at the customer's premises in the future, which means that we can also serve machine shops and welding companies located outside the Varkaus area. In this case, Inspecta Tarkastus Oy's examiner supervises the test at the customer's premises, and the welded test pieces are sent to Varkaus, where they undergo the necessary NDT inspections, machining, destructive tests and microscopy. This clarifies the operation from the customer's point of view, when the test pieces are always sent to the same address, the work comes with all the documentation already assembled and the invoice assembled from only one operator.

More information:

Ville Rintanen, Business Director of Industrial Services, Kiwa Inspecta

Kiwa is one of the world's largest testing, inspection, certification companies. With our services, we create trust in our customers' products, services, processes, management systems and employees. www.kiwa.com/fi

Harri Kilpeläinen, CEO, EduTec Oy

EduTec Oy is a new type of training company for technical fields founded to meet the needs of working life and companies. www.edutec.fi