8 December 2023

Kiwa China's Collaboration in Suzhou: Exploring the Impact of EU Green Policies on Supply Chain Sustainable Development

Last month, Kiwa participated in the 2023 China International Import Expo Suzhou summit in Shanghai to aid Chinese enterprises in meeting sustainable development standards and export challenges.

During the conference, Dr. Jussi Zhu, Head of Technology of Kiwa China, delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of sustainable development, EU regulations, and Kiwa - ISP's services in this area.

Invited by the China-Europe Association for Technical & Economic Cooperation (CEATEC) and the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce (MBOC), Kiwa was accompanied by many prestigious multinational companies at the summit such as Johnson & Johnson, Rolls-Royce, Bosch, Marriott, Safran, and HP, etc. Attendees included Tingting Guo, the deputy minister of commerce, and other high-level officials from the commerce ministry and Suzhou government.

Kiwa China Suzhou.png

Following the success of the conference, on the 16th of November, Kiwa was the only company to be invited again by the Suzhou MBOC to hold a seminar on the impact of EU green policies on the sustainable development of the global supply chain. The main topics covered enterprise compliance, sustainability development in the supply chain, ESG risk and opportunity management, market admission policies, and explorations of renewable energy. The forum was joined by Xiaodong Tang, the deputy mayor of Suzhou, and numerous high-ranking Suzhou officials. Over 200 international-trade-related local enterprises also participated.

On the same day, Kiwa China's Managing Director Mr. Ranting Tao visited Jianjiang Sun, director of Suzhou MBOC, and Weihui Mao, executive from Suzhou High-tech Zone for further cooperation discussion. During the meeting, Tao presented the development history and global business vision of Kiwa Group, as well as the progress of Kiwa's two enterprises in Suzhou - PI Photovoltaic-Institute (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and Suzhou branch of the Shanghai NQA Certification Co., Ltd. Both government leaders expressed gratitude for Kiwa's long-term trust and support, and are committed to provide future assistance to deepen collaboration with Kiwa Group.

suzhou  High-tech zone.jpg

PI Photovoltaic-Institute (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Kiwa Group, was established in Suzhou National High-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2012. It provides professional testing and technical services in the photovoltaic field and is a leading service provider in China's photovoltaic industry.