14 June 2023

Kiwa now accredited for SERMI certification

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Kiwa is one of the first companies in Europe that is now an accredited inspection body to authorize vehicle workshops according to SERMI (Security-Related Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information).

From August 1, SERMI, the new authorization certification for theft and security-related vehicle data - will be introduced in the EU and several of the EU's partner countries (including Norway).

SERMI means that both the individual vehicle workshop and each of the employed vehicle technicians must be certified for SERMI in order to access theft and security-related vehicle data and download such software.The person applying for a SERMI certification on behalf of the workshop should be the legal entity of the company.

Safety-related information management (SERMI) is essential to ensure safe and reliable vehicle repair and maintenance. SERMI is about managing and protecting sensitive information, such as vehicle diagnostics, repair specifications and customer data. SERMI is a collaboration between vehicle manufacturers and representatives of independent repair shops.

It is important that car repair shops are authorization certified for SERMI because it provides a number of benefits. Firstly, the certification ensures that the workshop and its employees have the right skills and knowledge to handle safety-related information in a professional and safe way. This helps to minimize the risk of faulty repairs, data breaches and misuse of customer data.

Second, the certification provides confidence and reassurance to customers. When customers see that a workshop is certified for SERMI, they know that their vehicle information will be treated securely and that repairs will be carried out with high quality and integrity.

'We are very proud and happy to be one of the first companies in Europe to be accredited for SERMI. The SERMI certification of car repair shops and their staff ensures that sensitive vehicle and customer information is handled in a professional and secure manner', says Hans Lindahl, CEO Kiwa Certification AB.