14 July 2023

Kiwa Approved to Deliver McDonald's SQMS and DQMP Audits

We are pleased to announce that Kiwa has now joined the exclusive group of certification bodies that are approved to conduct audits according to McDonald's quality management system SQMS (Global Supplier Quality Management System) and DQMP (Distributor Quality Management Process).

McDonald's have a long-standing commitment to serving safe and quality food to customers in every single market, every day, and Kiwa is proud to be a part of this process.


McDonald’s SQMS compiles a set of requirements related to food safety and quality that must be complied with by all McDonald’s suppliers of processed food, such as burgers, patties, nuggets, fries, vegetables, buns, cheese and sauces. DQMP is a corresponding set of food safety and quality related requirements applicable for distribution centers, for example storage facilities and transport trucks. In addition, all raw protein suppliers must comply with the clauses set out in the McDonald’s Slaughter & Deboning including Animal Health and Welfare (AHW) standards. For these, Kiwa's approval covers McDonald's Slaughter & Deboning incl. Animal Health and Welfare for Chicken across Europe and for Cattle and Pig in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Both SQMS and DQMP are standards that are part of McDonald’s end-to-end supplier assurance program, complementary to the GFSI-benchmarked international standards. Kiwa's inclusion on the list of approved certification bodies is a direct result of the acquisition Valiguard AB's 15 years of experience in SQMS and McD Slaughter & Deboning audits, as well as good relations with McDonald's Nordic quality organization. The approval gives Kiwa the opportunity to continue offering SQMS, DQMP and Slaughter & Deboning incl. Animal Health & Welfare as individual and combined audits and can eventually open up new markets.

We are very pleased with McDonald's approval for SQMS and DQMP which allows us to offer our customers worldwide an even wider range of audits and inspections within the food, feed & farm supply chain.