30 October 2023

New CPR Requirements Regarding Environmental Sustainability

The process of integrating new requirements regarding environmental sustainability into the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) has begun. The two product groups “precast concrete products” and “structural metallic products” are the forerunners, with other product groups of the CPR following. How environmental sustainability will be integrated into the requirements of the CPR is yet to be decided upon. However, there’s a high possibility that an EPD will be required in order to obtain the CE mark. This will be made clear at a later date.

This will significantly affect the work of the manufacturers of construction products. However, it will give designers an opportunity to choose the right construction product regarding to environmental criteria that suits them.

Kiwa's Services

Kiwa is a strong partner for the certification of construction products, and we are well prepared to serve the new requirements of the CPR. Here's how:

  • Our employees are trained worldwide for the calculation of EPDs.
  • We verify EPDs by our own program holder Kiwa Ecobility Experts (member of EcoPlatform).
  • We sell our own EPD calculation software R<THiNK.
  • We offer trainings and consultancy for our customers.

Additionally, we now offer a new service assessing product credit based on EPD data within the context of the most pertinent building certification schemes (e.g., LEED, DGNB, QNG, BREEAM).

Kiwa is also one of the biggest certification bodies for the worldwide recognized CSC certification (Concrete Sustainability Council) for the ESG certification of concrete and concrete products.

When it comes to sustainability, Kiwa has a lot to offer, and not only for construction products. If you would like to learn more, please contact sustainability@kiwa.com or construction@kiwa.com.