25 January 2023

New year, new name: Telefication rebrands to Kiwa

From January 2023 Telefication B.V. will transfer all certification services to the Kiwa brand. Within the next few weeks the Telefication.com website will also be entirely transferred to Kiwa.com. Hence Kiwa Nederland B.V. has taken over all rights and responsibilities from Telefication B.V.. All accredited ISO/IEC 17065 services have been taken over by Kiwa Nederland B.V. under RvA registration number C002. The EU Notified Body and MRA database (NANDO) registrations have already been switched from Telefication B.V. to Kiwa Nederland B.V. under Notified Body number 0063. Also the US (FCC) and Japanese (MIC) designations have already switched from Telefication B.V. to Kiwa Nederland B.V..

Telefication has been a member of the Kiwa Group since 2012, initially operating under the Telefication brand, later under the name Kiwa Telefication. In 2020 Telefication also became Kiwa in a physical way, moving business to Kiwa’s brand new EMC and wireless lab in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. This offers significant synergy advantages for Kiwa’s clients, as it combines the knowledge of Kiwa’s EMC, wireless and electric experts of the whole international Kiwa group.

Since the UKCA marking is already carried out by Kiwa, the rebranding of Telefication is a big new step forward on Kiwa's path as a one-stop shop for worldwide testing and certification services. Telefication becoming Kiwa further strengthens the Kiwa brand as a leading global TIC company, enabling Kiwa to offer a total market access solution to our internationally operating clients.

Do you have any questions or remarks concerning this rebranding? Please contact us at NL.ECP@kiwa.com or +31 (0)88 998 3639.

Telefication rebrands to Kiwa.jpg