15 February 2024

European Commission adopts article 11 acts of Drinking Water Directive

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In October the European Commission (EC) opened the public consultation on the draft ‘Implementing Decisions and Delegated Regulations related to the implementation of Article 11’ of the Drinking Water Directive. More than 300 comments were sent in. After incorporating input from the market, the European Commission adopted new Europe-wide hygiene standards for materials and products that come into contact with drinking water.

Adoption of article 11 acts

The EC has recently adopted the Article 11 Acts, a crucial step in implementing the Drinking Water Directive requirements on materials in contact with drinking water. Article 11 emphasizes that products must not compromise the quality of drinking water. Dirkjan van den Berg, Senior Expert Hygienic Aspects at Kiwa explains: “The forthcoming implementation of the Drinking Water Directive aims to standardize these rules throughout the European Union (EU). The adoption of article 11 represents an important milestone in the process of establishing and ensuring clean drinking water in the EU.”

Next steps in the development process

The adopted article 11 documents are now undergoing a legal check by lawyers of the European Union to ensure compliance with European approval systems. The final documents represent the definitive content of Article 11. A two-month period has been allocated for this legal scrutiny. During this time, the European Parliament and the Council also have the opportunity to express any objections or concerns.

Timeline and implementation:

The European legislative process involves publication in the European Journal planned for the end of March. Twenty days later, the documents officially enter into force, marking the commencement of the implementation period. The directive shall apply from December 31, 2026, signalling the point at which stakeholders must comply with the new standards for new products entering the Union market. As of 2032 the new EU-wide legislation applies to all products in contact with drinking water.

Dirkjan van den Berg adds: “At Kiwa we are dedicated to facilitate a smooth transition for our clients during the period from the publication of the acts to the end of 2026 and beyond. Our team is committed to working diligently to ensure a seamless shift towards obtaining European certification, alleviating any potential challenges. Though, we stimulate a proactive approach; we encourage our clients to proactively assess the impact on their products and process these considerations into their development processes.”

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