16 April 2024

​​​​​Kiwa and Twintag launch global partnership through Digi-Tags to transform ​​​​Asset Safety Management


Ensuring the safety and compliance of your operations is crucial. In today’s fast-paced industries, that calls for a new innovative resolution. That is why Kiwa is proud to announce ​​​​​​the global launch of Digi-Tags: a cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize asset safety management. This advanced solution is specifically crafted to empower businesses, enabling them to enhance safety protocols and operational efficiency in unprecedented ways.

Eric Laan, Digital Lead at Kiwa explains: "Developed in collaboration with ​​​​datatech leader Twintag, Digi-Tags is tailored for the Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) industry, serving as a central platform for integrating various types of inspection data. It brings convenience and ease-of use into the world of asset safety management.”

​​​​​"This global partnership is part of our broader digital strategy​​​​​​," confirms Luc Leroy, CEO of Kiwa. "Not only are we extending the Digi-Tags offering to other geographical regions, we will continue to create new offerings that provide insights and clarity into products tested and certified by Kiwa.​​​​​​"

"We are thrilled to boost our Digi-Tags collaboration with Kiwa”, states Alexander Carpentier, CEO of Twintag. “This partnership represents a significant milestone as we reshape safety asset management across industries by combining Twintag's innovative digital tagging technology with Kiwa’s expertise in safety and compliance."

Reshaping testing, inspection, and certification through technological innovation

Technological capabilities change the way testing, inspection, and certification activities are carried out due to the changing landscape. Kiwa is continuously exploring new ways to conduct business with customers, partners (such as Twintag), and universities.

Digi-Tags exemplifies this trend, representing a recent advancement in the digital inspection & testing businesses. It signals strides towards a more digitally-driven future.

Back to basics: what is Digi-Tags?

Digi-Tags is a new tool for managing safety information and inspection data more efficiently. Each asset undergoes inspection and receives a unique Digi-Tag. This tag enables quick access to crucial details such as inspection analytics and maintenance tasks via a straightforward smartphone scan, thereby improving efficiency and convenience. By emphasizing security, confidential data is accessible solely through authorized user accounts, guaranteeing a safeguarded experience.

"Digi-Tags introduces a significant advancement in asset management," elaborates Jonas Van hove, Global Program Manager Digi-Tags. "By assigning a unique digital ID to each asset, Digi-Tags makes it easier to manage an asset from start to finish. By analyzing data, our application delivers insights faster and more efficiently than traditional solutions."

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About Twintag 

Twintag is at the forefront of digital transformation solutions, specializing in intelligent tagging technology that connects physical assets with digital data. By leveraging the power of Twintag, businesses can achieve new levels of understanding, efficiency and engagement with their assets. Twintag's intuitive and scalable solutions are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and logistics to retail and beyond. Committed to innovation and excellence, Twintag enables its customers to streamline operations, improve their customer experiences and achieve sustainable growth through the strategic application of connected product technologies.