5 March 2024

Join the Global Conversation for Food Safety at GFSI Conference in Singapore

As a global authority in food safety and security, we are gearing up to showcase our expertise at the highly anticipated Global Food Safety Conference (GFSI) in Singapore. Scheduled from April 8th to 11th, the conference will bring together international food safety leaders and experts to address the challenges posed by climate change, geopolitical crises, and disruptions in food supply chains under the theme 'Food Safety - Meeting the Needs of our Evolving World.'

In the current landscape, where ensuring 'safe food for everybody' is more critical than ever, food safety experts agree that innovative solutions are essential. Join us in this global conversation, which will include over 1,000 decision-makers from around the world, and be part of the mission to revolutionize food safety practices.

Comprehensive Expertise for a Secure Food Chain

Kiwa boasts expertise in various domains, including food safety and security, animal feed, animal welfare, organic production, and aquaculture. As a committed partner for progress, we aim to support businesses in producing, trading, or handling high-quality and safe products. Our comprehensive approach involves designing, applying, auditing, and monitoring protocols that assure the safety and quality of products throughout the entire international food supply chain – from farm to fork.

More information on our services can be found here: www.kiwa.com/foodfeedfarm

Meet Kiwa at booth 12

To explore the possibilities and discuss how Kiwa can benefit your business, visit us at booth no. 12 during the GFSI Conference in Singapore. Annelies van Oosterom expressed anticipation, saying, “We are looking forward to welcoming you and engaging in fruitful discussions about shaping the future of food safety.”

GFSI Conference: A Global Platform for Collective Action

The GFSI Conference, an annual three-day event, serves as a global platform for the food safety community to address industry challenges collectively. The conference will feature top leaders in the food sector, technology experts, and policymakers, discussing breakthrough approaches that enhance food safety capabilities throughout the supply chain.

For more information about the GFSI Conference, please visit GFSI Conference - MyGFSI

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