21 May 2024

Kiwa Partners with Spotscale to Launch 3D Modeling Services on Connect by Kiwa

Kiwa is delighted to announce the deepening of our partnership with Spotscale, a leader in concrete inspection technology. Since beginning our collaboration in 2022, we have joined our efforts in innovative solutions for infrastructure inspection and maintenance globally.

We are now pleased to strengthen this collaboration further by welcoming Spotscale as a partner on our Connect by Kiwa platform, ensuring greater accessibility of our services to customers worldwide.

Building on the Kiwa-Spotscale collaboration

The Kiwa-Spotscale partnership is specifically known for a joint product we developed — a 3D AI recognition system for concrete structures. This system combines Spotscale’s expertise in 3D imaging and machine learning with Kiwa's extensive experience in concrete structure testing. The collaboration resulted in the development of advanced inspection technology that accurately predicts concrete structure lifetimes, improves inspection quality, and saves time.

"Onboarding Spotscale as a partner on our Connect by Kiwa platform is a strong move towards integrating their cutting-edge technology (as well as our joint service offerings) into our platform's capabilities,” says Erik Landgren, Country Manager at Kiwa Sweden. “We can now provide users access to state-of-the-art concrete inspection solutions, all integrated within our platform, in a single place." 

Connect by Kiwa platform is a strong network — a way for us to integrate our digital services into one place,” continues Erik. “We can connect our customers to all kinds of services offered by Kiwa and partners globally.”

Streamlining Access for customers

Connect by Kiwa simplifies access for Kiwa customers to different digital services, like portals, (web) applications, or other types of online services, by providing one user account for all the digital Kiwa services. There is no need to remember multiple user names and passwords for all of these different digital services Kiwa offers. A customer can seamlessly navigate through various platforms offered by Kiwa and its partners.

Erik highlights, "The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature offers streamlined access to multiple service platforms, creating a one-stop shop for all users. With over 10,000 users and ongoing expansion, Connect by Kiwa is a global marketplace for diverse services."

Bringing local expertise to your doorstep

Ludvig Emgård, Founder and CEO of Spotscale, emphasizes the significance of being included in the Connect by Kiwa platform, stating, "Our collaboration with Kiwa on the Connect by Kiwa platform represents a major step forward in providing innovative solutions to clients worldwide. By integrating Spotscale's unique capabilities into the platform, we aim to transform the inspection process, offering exceptional accuracy and efficiency to our customers. Thanks to the Connect by Kiwa platform, we can offer Spotscale services globally through Kiwa’s unique and extensive network.”

Jaakko Tuukkanen, Product Manager of Connect by Kiwa, adds, “The platform fosters a network of growth and innovation. Customers can easily explore services, request meetings, and access information, contributing to a more intimate user experience. Additionally, the platform's rapid growth ensures the continual onboarding of new services, catering to diverse needs across multiple countries and facilitating global connectivity.”

Read more about Connect by Kiwa and Spotscale.   

About Spotscale

Spotscale helps real estate owners assess their buildings’ climate envelope condition through photorealistic 3D and AI. Using imagery as input for advanced computer vision and machine learning, Spotscale's software enables building owners to inspect, measure, and analyze their properties in a new way. This gives a better understanding of renovation needs and hidden heat leakages, pointing to enormous cost-saving potentials.

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