7 March 2024

Kiwa Receives Annual TIC Council Membership

We're proud to announce that Kiwa has received its annual membership certificate by the TIC Council, the international umbrella organization of well-reputed TIC companies.

The TIC Council represents the international TIC sector and stands for best practices and highest standards in safety, quality, health, ethics and sustainability. With over 90 members spanning across more than 160 countries, it sets the benchmark for industry standards and best practices. Luc Leroy, CEO of Kiwa, emphasizes that, "being a member of the TIC Association demonstrates the high internal standards Kiwa has in the fields of compliance and code of conduct."

39948-Luc-Leroy.jpgLuc Leroy, CEO of Kiwa

About TIC Council Membership

Created through a merger of CEOC and IFIA, two former international umbrella organisations, the TIC Council membership gathers a vast technical expertise and know-how from the most traditional industries such as industrial or commodities inspection, products testing and certification to emerging technologies such as blockchain, cybersecurity or IoT.

The TIC Council members are committed to using this know-how to help governments protect health, safety and the environment, manufacturers to thrive in a complex global trade landscape and consumers to have the assurance that the product they are purchasing are safe for them and their families.

Read more about our Code of Conduct and Compliance.
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