21 December 2023

Kiwa SCM launches seal of approval for electronic e-bike security

Every day dozens of e-bikes are stolen in the Netherlands. The high value and limited security of e-bikes make them attractive targets, even in locked spaces such as garages and storage rooms. In response, vehicle security specialist Kiwa SCM launched the "Electronic Security Systems for Two-wheelers" quality mark on Dec. 15, 2023, aimed at the independent certification of track and trace systems for e-bikes.

The quality mark has emerged from a collaboration between manufacturers, insurers, alarm centers and investigation services. Manufacturers seeking to certify their track & trace system must meet two critical requirements. First, the system must demonstrate in a field test that it can track stolen bicycles within 48 hours. Second, the system must incorporate both long and short range technology to be able to track stolen two-wheelers over long distances and track them very accurately locally. In addition to meeting mandatory European requirements, the systems must also be tested for different weather conditions to ensure operation in all situations.


Suppliers can apply to Kiwa from December 15 to start the approval process. Systems submitted before February 15 will receive the Electronic Security Systems for Two-wheelers mark of approval on April 1, if the result is positive. After approval, the systems, in combination with the bicycle on which they are mounted, can be registered in Kiwa's database. This database can be consulted by insurers so that they can check whether the bicycles insured by them have a valid certificate and thus an approved track & trace system.

Approval scheme

Kiwa will approve both systems that are factory-installed as standard and separate transmitters sold after-market. A recognition scheme, to be introduced later, will determine what bicycle dealers must do to be able to register systems directly with Kiwa themselves. As part of the approval scheme, Kiwa plans to monitor bikes with approved trackers and see if the stolen two-wheelers are actually returned after being reported stolen.

New security standard

With the inspection mark, Kiwa wants to make a substantial contribution to reducing e-bike thefts and set a new standard for the security of e-bikes in the Netherlands. Kiwa's quality mark and inspection requirement promises to be an important step forward in this respect. Already a leading authority in certifying track & trace systems for motor vehicles, Kiwa SCM is now adding e-bikes to its portfolio.