It is an overall system of farm management and food production which combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity and preservation of natural resources to reach the level required by the Swiss market.

Bio Suisse The standard regulates the following fields:

  • Requirements concerning all categories: certification standards, labeling and converting to organic production.
  • Plant production: and within this addition to the general requirements for methods of cultivation, soil fertility and plant protection, including specifications for seeds and planting material, vegetable, fruit, wine, mushrooms and wild collection.

Besides the standard Bio Suisse specific requirements for improving agricultural ecosystem biodiversity.

  • Animal production: in addition to the general principles include specifications for various species, the same as in

Regulation EC but also no standards for rabbits, there are also standards for aquaculture.

  • Processing and marketing: in addition to the general requirements, permitted additives, etc.. include requirements for wine making, cleaning and pest control for packaging materials and the import
  • Fair trade and social standards.

EIt is necessary for customers who want to export their ecological production to Switzerland, even if they have certificates from other countries. The Implementation and Certification of the Standard on farms is quality assurance to its customers that supply the Swiss market.

The application for recognition for a farm or a business abroad must be formally filed an importer in Switzerland. This has to be or become licensee of Bio Suisse. The Bio Suisse does not authorize to give the product with the trademark yolk. Is authorized to do only the importer of products that benefits a valid license agreement with Bio Suisse. The recognition process has to be renewed every years.All companies recognized by Bio Suisse received a letter attesting to the recognition, which amounts to a confirmation of conformity.

For the recognition process, Bio Suisse has to have detailed documents provided by the company to monitor compliance with the Rules of Bio Suisse (documents can be downloaded from Internet: Generally require 4 to 6 weeks for treating a request.

Kiwa España during the certification audit for organic farming Regulation (EC) 834/07 and 889/08, will fill the Bio Suisse Cheklists to be signed by the auditor and the responsible exploitation. This information will be sent to Bio Suisse for review and subsequent recognition.

Detailed information on Biosuisse International is available at: