PAN and IAM Testing


PAN and IAM testing measures PV module performance at different temperature, irradiance and light angle conditions.
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Batch Testing

Batch testing helps buyers evaluate the quality, reliability, and performance of the PV modules produced for a given project. During project construction, a randomly selected subset of modules is sent from the factory to Kiwa PVEL to screen for defects and conduct performance and reliability tests.
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Fielded Module Testing

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Module underperformance in the field can lead to significant financial impacts for the site owners. Kiwa PVEL’s testing of fielded modules helps to determine the level of underperformance and the related root cause for use in warranty claims and negotiations.

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Tracker-Module Compatibility Testing

Large-format module glass breakage when mounted on trackers has become a significant concern for the industry. Kiwa PVEL’s tracker-module compatibility testing helps component (tracker or module) manufacturers demonstrate durability and also provide site owners with confidence that their site’s mechanical designs will meet environmental conditions.

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Other Indoor Testing


Kiwa PVEL's in-lab module testing can include a variety of PQP related characterizations and stress tests such as thermal cycling, damp heat, hail testing, UV testing and others.

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