The 7 phases of penetration testing

A penetration test is an elaborate procedure which consists of the following main steps or phases:

Pentest formats

A penetration test can have three different formats. Each of these format takes a different approach to simulating a cyberattack:

  • A white box penetration test: All necessary information such as system information, access to high level privilege accounts, source code etc. are provided in advance to Kiwa. With everything that there is to know on the system Kiwa formulates its plan to perform the exploitation to reach the crown jewels.
  • A black box penetration test: Kiwa does not have any inside information on the system that will be penetration tested. General available information about this system (for example which can be found through Google) is the basis on which Kiwa will attempt to perform exploitation and get access to the crown jewels.
  • A grey box penetration test: A combination of the previous two where limited knowledge of the target is shared with Kiwa. Information such as architecture, background information, access to low level privilege accounts is provided to Kiwa.

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Take the extra leap in protecting your business

With digitalisation, internet technology and everything surrounding it, cybersecurity has become something organisations should not take lightly. Kiwa’s penetration tests are targeted towards any organisation that provides services through means of the internet and organisations that manufacture internet connected products. There can be a lot of nuance in these types of systems, services and products and that is why Kiwa’s pentesting experts tailor their services towards the needs of organisations. In this way the outcomes of the penetration test provide real and useful insights into the security of the organisation.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa is a trusted and independent third party that performs tests to provide the basis for guaranteed quality. For years we have been testing and certifying HVAC parts and systems, performing FPC audits in factories and assessing involved employees. As systems and organisations are digitalising so do our means of testing and inspecting. Performing penetration tests is one of the methods to address the cybersecurity of your organisation or business. As good cybersecurity is very important in our digital age, Kiwa is heavily involved in providing high quality, useful penetration tests and services. We are your partners for progress.