Kiwa and hydrogen

Insight into the impact of sustainable gases

Green gas and biogas are sustainable, climate-friendly substitutes for natural gas. At Kiwa we are investigating the impact of introducing green gas, biogas and LNG. What is the impact of these gases on piping materials and infrastructure? Are additional safety measures needed? How can these gases be distributed? Are new settlement models needed? Kiwa’s Gas Consultancy team has a wealth of experience in the gas sector and helps energy suppliers and network operators to find answers to these questions.

Sustainable Living Environment

Kiwa is working with local governments on solutions for a sustainable living environments. Projects include knowledge sharing with other sustainability and innovation specialists in Zwitsal, Apeldoorn (Netherlands) as part of the Zwitsal Open Innovation Centre. Kiwa is also active in the Cleantech public-private network, striving to make the Dutch regions Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen fully energy-neutral in 2030, with a sustainable living environment, ‘green’ transport, local education in sustainability and ethical employment practice.

Development of equipment for sustainable fuels

The deployment of new, sustainable energy sources requires specially developed equipment. Kiwa helps manufacturers and suppliers with the design and development of heat pumps and other innovative appliances and related components. We also work with several major automotive manufacturers. We recently developed and implemented a complex test set-up for complete LNG drive systems and components for one such manufacturer. Kiwa’s expertise in LNG, CNG, hydrogen and biogas is helping to make the transport sector more sustainable.

Industry Standardization

As a Knowledge Institute in the field of energy, Kiwa has been involved in the development of numerous international (ISO) standards. Our experts have seats on Standards committees in the several countries.

Process director

As a 'partner for progress' Kiwa acts as a process director in unique and complex projects. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the most diverse sectors, we operate very effectively at the intersection between process and product.