General Principle 2: Adhering to two United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Within Kiwa's CSR Route 2025, getting certified according to the CSR Performance Ladder level 3 is the first step for each Kiwa country. Once the Ladder and the three attached Focal Points have been properly integrated, it is time for a next step: choosing and adhering to two of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The United Nations have set 17 so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that provide a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and our planet, now and into the future. The goals include for example 'No poverty', 'Good education', 'Gender equality' and 'Climate action' (see illustration below).


Our ambition is that Kiwa countries that have implemented CSR thoroughly, have reached CSR Performance Ladder Level 3 and have been certified according to it, challenge themselves by choosing at least 2 SDGs to act on locally. How they get into action is up to the countries themselves. They will have to report their efforts to our Corporate CSR Council. This council's main responsibility is to ensure that Kiwa’s CSR strategy is followed, reported and evaluated. As such, its members discuss CSR related issues, set actions, and inspire Kiwa office and lab locations globally to embrace our corporate CSR policy.

Where we are right now

All Kiwa countries certified according to the CSR Performance Ladder Level 3 have chosen their two (or more) SDGs. See which countries these are here


To reach the corporate CSR goal of reducing our CO2 footprint, Kiwa Sweden is working on making their own transportation 25 percent non-fossil-fuel-driven. On this photo: one of the electric lease cars in use at Kiwa Sweden, way up in the north of the country.