Our CSR strategy

There are a lot of ways to express Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). At Kiwa, we have the Kiwa CSR Route 2025 in place, setting ambitious goals for the near and further future.

The route describes our CSR-related ambitions towards 2025. It is closely connected to Kiwa's general Business Strategy. Our CSR Route 2025 comprises two General CSR Principles and, within the first General Principle, three Focal Points, each including their own ambitions. See here wat we want to accomplish (and click the links to dive deeper).

General Principle 1: CSR Performance Ladder Level 3 certification

The first General Principle in Kiwa's CSR Route 2025 is that Kiwa offices worldwide get certified according to Level 3 of the CSR Performance Ladder. These Kiwa offices also commit themselves to three Focal Points, each with their own ambitions:

  1. Reducing our CO2 footprint
  2. Improving employee health and satisfaction
  3. Enlarging the impact of our services on sustainability

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General Principle 2: Adhering to two United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The second General Principle in Kiwa's CSR Route 2025 is that Kiwa countries choose and elaborate two of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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