Our CSR strategy

Ambitious business goals have been set for Kiwa towards 2022: further growth to remain an independent company offering Testing, Inspection and Certification, Training, Consultancy and Data Services. It is only logical our CSR goals are equally ambitious in order to contribute to our engagement. 

CSR Performance Ladder

Kiwa applies the CSR Performance Ladder, a management system and certification standard for Corporate Social Responsibility. We see four focal points for Kiwa offices here:

  • reducing our CO2 footprint;
  • improving employee health and satisfaction;
  • intensifying stakeholder voice in relation to our CSR efforts;
  • enlarging the impact of our services on sustainability.

Read more about Kiwa's application of the CSR Performance Ladder.

View our CSR management system certificate here.

Our CSR ambitions are also related and aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs address the global challenges we face.

Two complementary General Principles

There are a lot of ways to express Corporate Social Responsibility. We’ve chosen two general principles that each Kiwa location around the globe should be able to reach over time. These two complement each other.

  • In 2022, 80% of Kiwa offices will comply to CSR Performance Ladder Level 3. Ultimately every Kiwa office around the world have to act according to Level 3 of the CSR Performance Ladder. 
  • Offices that have implemented CSR thoroughly, have reached Level 3 and have been certified according to it, are challenged to choose and elaborate at least 2 of the UN’s SDG targets to act on locally.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Charter describes our CSR statement and efforts.