Solar Inverter and Battery Certification Services

As a manufacturer you have to prove that the grid connection guidelines are fulfilled by decentralized generation plants. Evidence produced by the manufacturer itself is, logically, often not accepted by grid operators, installation certifiers or plant operators. But that is where Kiwa can help you. Through our accreditation as a testing laboratory and certification body in combination with our international network, we can provide you with globally recognized test reports and certificates as proof of conformity with the international standards.

Solar battery testing

Next to grid-connected solar inverters, there are also off-grid solutions for electricity storage. We are talking about batteries. Batteries form the core of any off-grid solar power system. Because of the discontinuous nature of electricity generation, batteries will be responsible for making the overall solar power system as steady as possible. To reduce risks in this sector there are many general requirements, testing requirements, and recommended practices for installation one must meet. We can help you to get your solar battery tested and certified according to the necessary standards and regulations. For examples IEC 61427-1 and IEC 61427-2, but also IEEE Std. 937 and IEEE Std. 1013. Our experts are at your disposal.


Kiwa is also a Notified Body on all relevant directives that apply to inverters - electromagnetic compatibility directive (EMC-D), low voltage directive (LVD) and grid connection - our test facilities and experts are available to you. In this way we can offer you a complete service package to get your solar inverter certified.

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