Solar TDD, Engineering and Owner Engineering

Kiwa, through the group members Kiwa Moroni and PI Berlin, perform complete technical services on renewable energies production plants, assisting investors in order to increase the profitability and the value of their green investment over the time.

What is Technical Due Diligence (TDD)?

Technical due diligence (TDD) is a complete examination of a certain product or complete system. The full scope of a TDD includes an assessment of the design, suitability, performance, and quality of the components and plant. Technical due diligence may also include the technical assessment of the permitting and grid connection process. The results of the TDD provide you with crucial information about the condition, potential risks and associated mitigation measures of the asset.

A TDD assessment can be useful in various situations, for each phase of a project life cycle. On the one hand the TDD can be interesting in the development phase to assist the decision whether or not an investment in a solar PV project should be made. For operational plants, a TDD is used for the assessment of PV plants for transactions or re-financing process. Our systematic approach emphasizes the evaluation of performance and quality (not only compliance) aspects, which are critical to maximize the project’s financial returns.


Kiwa provides engineering services for solar PV plants during the development, construction and operation phases. We can support your PV project by conducting feasibility and yield studies as well optimized conceptual designs to ensure the lowest LCOE. In addition, we provide complete engineering services for the construction of PV plants. If an EPC is used, we can act as the owner’s engineer or lender’s technical advisor to ensure that the PV plant is built according to contractual and regulatory requirements. Our experts actively collaborate with leading banks and investment funds, as well as with those who require an independent audit to protect their investment.

Owner Engineering

Kiwa, through Kiwa Moroni, assists their customers with an independent technical support during the procurement phase, the EPC contracting, the project construction and the provisional, intermediate and final acceptance procedures:

  • Assistance during EPC/O&M selection and contracting
  • Design review
  • Construction monitoring also by drone inspections
  • Review of the commissioning and acceptance tests (PAC – FAC)
  • Independent instrumental tests
  • Site visit and punch-list drafting


  • PVEL’s data and consulting services provide you with actionable insights and reports to support your procurement efforts.
  • PV Analyzer (PVA) is designed for quick deployment at a potential project site to collect the energy yeild and environmental data, which can be applied for financial model and PVsyst simulation model.
  • Kiwa, through the group member Kiwa Moroni, executes the permission process, the design, the construction surveillance and the safety of power plants, supporting investors and EPC contractors in the choice of sustainable energy saving solutions.
  • Learn about PVEL's unique testing sequence, our Product Qualification Program (PQP)
  • PVEL’s industry-leading bankability testing offers procurement intelligence for downstream solar buyers.
  • Kiwa, through Kiwa Moroni, performs complete plant management, assisting investors in the technical and administrative management of pv systems in order to increase profitability and value of their investments and ensuring the compliance with the guarantees by contracts and requirements of the current regulation.
  • Kiwa, through Kiwa Moroni, carries out consultancy activities and instrumental analyses on operating energy plants, including the ones still in the process of realization, cooperating actively with leading banks and investment funds, investors requiring an independent audit to protect their energy investments.