Solar PV Module Certification Services

Photovoltaic (PV) technology has undergone enormous change in recent years. Not only in terms of the technology itself, but also in terms of efficiency, demand and price. It is a rapidly changing environment wherein defects and quality issues can easily arise. With Kiwa’s extensive portfolio in testing and certification services for solar PV modules we create trust in our client’s products. Our experienced experts will help you through the entire process of testing and certification of your solar PV modules according to the relevant requirements, standards and regulations.

In this way you as a manufacturer not only reduce technical and financial risks, but you also ensure long-term reliability for the life of the product.

Kiwa quality approval

Kiwa operates as an internationally recognized certification body for solar PV modules (including all technologies). This is the Kiwa Quality Approval. We use our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory facilities to test and eventually certify PV modules according to the latest versions of the IEC 61730 for safety and IEC 61215 for performance requirements of PV modules.

How does this work?

Contact us and based on your request we will inform you about which information is needed in order to make a quotation. When the quote is accepted and the order is given, Kiwa will guide you through the whole process and help with collecting all the right reports and documents. Parallel to that, an audit at the factory location will be planned and carried out by Kiwa’s solar experts as part of the certification process. When you have successfully passed the entire sequence, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your PV modules meet the relevant requirements.

Our global services

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  • Kiwa operates an internationally recognized certification scheme for Solar PV modules (crystalline and thin film). This is the Kiwa Quality Approval. We use our accredited laboratory facilities to test PV modules according to IEC 61730 for safety and IEC 61215.